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Airlines covered Number of Seatmaps With Dynamic Comments Published Photographs
61 387 Over 200 seatmaps with detail comments for more than 43,000 seats 520
AirlineExpert.com has one of the largest collection of airline seatmaps available anywhere in the world. We currently have over 380 seatmaps, and are continuously updating and adding more, here are the most recent ones:
  1. Air China Airbus A330-200, 251 seats version
  2. Virgin America Airbus A319
  3. Air Canada Boeing 767-300ER XM with full-flat Business Class suites
  4. United Airlines Boeing 777-200 XQ with all new First, Business, and Economy classes
  5. Lufthansa Airbus A380
  6. Emirates Airbus A380
  7. Spirit Airlines Airbus A320
  8. Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-300, Boeing 737-500, Boeing 737-700
  9. Hainan Airlines Airbus A330-200, Airbus A340-600, Boeing 737-400, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 767-300
  10. Brussels Airlines Airbus A330-300
  11. Thai Airways - Entire wide-body fleet, including newest version of Boeing 777-300
  12. Qantas Airways - Entire wide-body fleet, including configurations with the new Premium Economy class
  13. Cathay Pacific - Entire fleet, including new Long-haul products.
  14. Alaska Airlines - Entire fleet
  15. AirTran Airways - Entire fleet
  16. USA3000 Airlines
  17. Frontier Airlines - Entire fleet, including new A319 configuration and Bombardier Q400.
  18. Lufthansa Airlines - Entire long-haul fleet, with complete dynamic comments for First and Business classes
  19. Singapore Airlines - Entire fleet, including Airbus A380
  20. British Airways - Boeing 747-400 with new Next Generation Club World
  21. United Airlines International new First and Business Classes 747-400
Due to user requests, we have added many photographs of airline VIP Lounges, Premium cabins, and Gourmet Meals. Here are some of them, look under the respective airline menu on the left for more photos:
  1. Air China Airbus A330-200 International Business Class Meal.
  2. United Airlines Tokyo Narita airport First Class Lounge.
  3. Air China Airbus A330-200 International Business Class seats.
  4. Thai Airways Airbus A330-300 Regional Business Meals.
  5. EVA Air Taipei - The Club Lounge.
  6. Thai Airways Airbus A330-300 Regional Business Class Seat.
  7. Air China Beijing International terminal Business Class Lounge.
  8. Air China Airbus A340-300 International Economy Class Seats.
  9. Military C17 cargo Transport at San Francisco International.
  10. ANA Boeing 767-300 regional Business Class.
  11. Air Canada Boeing 767-300 Business Class herringbone full-flat seats.
  12. Asiana Boeing 747-400 Business Class slanted flat seats.
  13. Air China Airbus A340-300 First Class International configuration.
  14. Singapore Airlines Changi airport Terminal 3 First Class lounge Private room.
  15. Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class seats.
  16. Singapore Airlines Kris Flyer Gold Changi airport T3 lounge.
  17. Brussels Airlines introduction - Business class seats and meals.
  18. ANA - All Nippon Airways new Club ANA Business class seats and meals.
  19. Cathay Pacific new Long-Haul First, Business and Coach class products
  20. Introduction to the new Aeroflot, and the different new seating products.
  21. Air China's new First and Business class product, along with gourmet meal selections.
  22. Thai Airways' Business class lounge at Hong Kong International airport.
  23. United Airlines' First class lounge at New York's JFK airport.
  24. Lufthansa Airlines' world renowned First Class Terminal in Frankfurt
  25. Lufthansa Airlines Boeing 747 First class seats and cabin located on the Upper Deck.

AirlineExpert.com is the un-official site for all your airline best seat selection needs. We offer advice on the most desirable seats, as well as which seats to avoid at all cost. With AirlineExpert, you will have the pick of the house.

The dynamic menu on the left side lists airline(s) that we have current seat map information. Move the cursor to the airline name, and a list of aircraft configuration will pop up on a cascading sub-menu. Click on the plane that you want, and a graphical seatmap will be displayed. Move the cursor over the color-coded image of the plane, and dynamic commentary on each seat is shown in the text box below the image. It is easy to select the best seat available on your flight.

Our current list of airlines includes over 50 of the world's best known international airlines, with over 300 highly detailed and seatmaps. Our seatmaps even show you the actual window locations on the plane, so you will not be stuck in a seat with no windows.

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